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Annual Plan

The 5-Year and Annual PHA Plans provide a ready source for interested parties to locate basic PHA policies, rules and requirements concerning the PHA's operations, programs, and services, and informs HUD, families served by the PHA and members of the public of the PHA's mission, goals and objectives for serving the needs of low-income, very low-income and extremely low-income families. 

On Thurs., Nov. 19, 2020, Executive Director Felts Lewis presented the 2021 Annual Plan.

On Wed., Nov. 3, 2021, Director Lewis is set to present the following 2022 Annual Plan and revised 5-YR Capital Fund Plan.

On Wed., Dec. 7, 2022, Lewis presented the 2023 Annual Plan.

On Wed., Nov. 1, 2023, Lewis presented the 2024 Annual Plan.