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The Courier-Times published the following article in May of 1969 before the opening of Roxboro Housing Authority. Roxboro NC, Thursday, May 22, 1969.

Occupancy Policies Will Be Set Soon

Clarence Burch, Roxboro Housing Authority executive director, said here Wednesday that the authority will begin accepting formal applications from prospective occupants of the city's low-rent housing units in September.

Burch said the authority is scheduled to sit down sometime next month to begin drawing up policies and procedures governing application and occupancy for the 150 turn-key units now under construction on three sites in Roxboro.

Inclement weather early this year caused construction delays, but Burch said Wednesday that contractors have made up some of the lost time and now work is running close to schedule. It is anticipated that the units will be ready for occupancy in January of 1970.

The executive director said that he now is taking the names and addresses of persons expressing an interest in renting project units; however, he explained that this is merely an informality and does not establish any priority as to tenants. All persons desiring to reside in a public housing unit. Burch emphasized, will be required to submit a formal application in September. the formal applications will be screened to verify applicant family income and other criteria to assure that the applicant is eligible for a project unit.

The authority will determine how screening should proceed when it meets next month.

Construction is underway on three sites. One is located just east of Burch Avenue and encompasses 14.3 acres. Another is a 10-acre tract at South and Lyle Streets off the Hurdle Mills Road, and the third site takes in two acres on Walker Street. Some 74 units are going up on Burch Avenue Extension location, 62 at South and Lyle and 14 on Walker Street.

A grant of federal tax funds totaling $2.25 million is earmarked for the project. Actual construction cost is $1,918,880. The W.H. Weaver Construction Co. of Greensboro holds the general contract.

Roxboro Newspaper Clipping.

Roxboro Newspaper Clipping from 1969