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Coffee Hour Presentation 2019

Good Morning Coffee Hour
Tuesday, July 16th at 8:00 AM at Golden Corral
Sponsored By Roxboro Housing Authority

The Topic Will Showcase Roxboro Housing Authority's Transformative Efforts to Revitalize Housing in Person County as It Celebrates 50 Years in Operation!

  • Revitalizing Housing...…
  • Transforming Communities...…
  • Enriching Lives...…

'Our Story'
Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce
Good Morning Coffee Hour
July 16, 2019

What Is Public Housing?

  • Established By the U.S. Housing Act Of 1937
  • Public Housing Provides Safe, Decent and Sanitary Spaces for Low-Income Persons Such as Families, The Elderly and Disabled.
  • Low Income - 80 Percent of The Area Median Income
  • Over 1.2 million Public Housing Households
  • There Are 3,300 Public Housing Authorities in The U.S. And Puerto Rico
  • Established And Managed Locally
  • Funding, Technical and Management Assistance from U.S. Dept. Of Housing and Urban Development
  • Dr. Ben Carson Is the Current HUD Secretary
  • Established In the City of Roxboro in 1969 As Roxboro Housing Authority
  • Mayor Appoints Citizens of Roxboro to Serve as Commissioners -Seven Commissioners: Three-Year Terms
  • Board Of Commissioners Uphold HUD Guidelines, Adopt Policies, Hire, And Evaluate Executive Director

What Is Public Housing in Person County?

  • Executive Director Serves as Secretary on The Board of Commissioners
  • Top Administrator
  • Hires And Evaluates Staff, Currently Eight
  • Responsible For Conducting Day-To-Day Low-Rent Housing Operations According to HUD Guidelines
  • Financial Officer and Procurement Officer

What About Roxboro Housing Authority?

  • Has 210 Public Housing Units And 59 Buildings
  • Four Sites Within the Roxboro City Limits
  • Harris Gardens (500 Mt. Bethel Church St. (Formerly Burch Ave.))
  • Weatherly Heights (161 Cleveland Lane)
  • Lee Gardens (808 Lyle Street)
  • Green Gardens (Green and Walkers St.)

Roxboro Housing Authority…The Beginning

Burch Avenue Housing Unit are being built in 1969.

Burch Avenue Housing Units Take Shape

A Portion of Roxboro's 150 Low-Rent Public Housing Units Take Shape on Burch Avenue Extension. A Total Of 74 Units Are Going Up on This Particular Site, While the Remainder Are Being Constructed on Walker Street and South and Lyle Streets. Completion Is Expected in January 1970. The Roxboro Housing Authority Will Begin Accepting Formal Applications from Prospective Tenants in September of This Year.

The Courier Times Newspaper Article...Tuesday, May 22, 1969
RHA To Take Applications in Fall

Executive Directors - Past and Present

Clarence Burch

Ambrose Lee Jr

Ida Green Past Executive Director.
Ida Green

Pecolia Beatty Past Executive Director.
Pecolia Beatty

Felts Lewis 2018 to present Executive Director.
Felts Lewis
January 2018 - Present

And 50 Years Later...

Roxboro Housing Authority (RHA) Follows Its Motto Of 'Housing for A Brighter Future' By Providing Residents with Not Only Quality but, Affordable Units, It Also Works Hard to Plan and Partner with Local Organizations to Host a Variety of Activities and Events.
In 2018, RHA Initiated Projects to Upkeep and Renovate Its Community Centers.

This Is Important for Residents to Be Able to Partake in A Variety of Activities to Enhance their Quality of Life in Their Own Community.
Monthly Community Meetings Are Held, Dates Can Be Found on Our Website Calendar.

From Public Safety Training to Holiday Parties, RHA Provides Residents with Valuable, Informative, and Fun Programming at Its Three Community Center Sites.

RHA's Main Office Continues at Its Original Location Of 500 Mount Bethel Church Street (Formerly Burch Avenue) in Roxboro, NC. New Agency Signage and Logo were created.

Public Housing in Person County Today

  • Total Revenue For 2018 = $1.7 Million
  • Total Expenditures = $1.4 Million
  • Operating Revenue Over Expenses = $300,000
  • Total Capital Fund Budget = $1.1 Million
  • Total Capital Fund Expenditures = $308,000
  • Total Capital Funds Available = $782,000
  • Total Social Service Grant Funds = $78,000
  • Total Revenue For 2018 = $1.7 Million
  • Total Tenant Rental Revenue = $522,600
  • Total Expenditures = $1.4 Million
  • Total Utilities = $447.500
  • Administrative = $376,000
  • RHA Receives No City or County Funds
  • Responsible For Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) To City of Roxboro = $7,922*
    (*10 Percent of Total rental Income - Utilities)
  • Roxboro Water Bill = $50,000
  • Roxboro Sewer Bill = $63,000
  • Roxboro Garbage Bill = $31,000

Demographics/Statistics Roxboro Housing Authority
RHA has 185 households and 376 total tenants
220 Adults, 156 Minors
Race: 339-Black, 37-White, 3-Hispanic
92-Elderly (62 Or Older)
34 are 14-17 Yrs. Old (At Risk Age Group)
Sex (HOH): Male- 30, Female-155
30 Black Males, 143 Black Females, 12 White Females

Avg. Monthly Income = $762.00
Min Rent = $50
Avg. Rent = $274

The Three A's
ACCOUNTABILITY- Awareness -Attitude
Accountability- Awareness -ATTITUDE

How RHA Has Changed

  • Identified And Implemented Administrative Requirements
  • Identified And Implemented Important Roles and Responsibilities
  • Addressed Finance, Inventory, Procurement, and Documentation Requirements, Processes, and Procedures
  • Identified And Helped Resolve Physical Needs for Safe, Decent, and Sanitary Housing Conditions in Good Repair

Administrative Requirements
Ensuring Employees/Tenants
Following Housing Policies

  • Helped Adopt Required Policies and Created Procedures
  • Ensured That Employees Followed RHA Housing Policies and Procedures; Enforced Lease with Revisions Approved
  • Helped Meet the Objectives of Tenants in Need of Housing in A Fair and Equitable Manner
  • Improved The Maintenance of Tenant, Vendor and Maintenance Files
  • Provided Training for Staff to Remain Current with Hud Rules and Regulations
  • Implemented Internal/External Customer Service Initiatives
  • New Tenant Lease-Consolidated Re-Certification Dates to May 1; Cleary Defined Housekeeping Standards
  • Pet Policy - Brought Agency into Legal Status Working with Agency Attorney; Enforced the Elimination of Vicious Dogs
  • Curfew Policy-Created Language with Agency Attorney to Help Reduce Crime Rate as Noted by Roxboro Police Department and Person County Sheriff's Department
  • Smoke-Free Policy Implementation: Held Meetings with Tenants and Had Staff and One Commissioner to Attend Training as A Smoking Cessation Navigator
  • Personnel Policy-Addressed Concerns with Bereavement, Easter Holiday
  • Retirement Plan Policy-Secured Resolution Passage to Join the N.C. Local Governmental Retirement System, Rated by Many as One of The Nation's Best Pension Plans, Eliminating Problems with MetLife (No Master Contract)
  • Directed Veteran Housing Manager to Thoroughly Complete Job Duties (Tenant File Documentation, Evictions)
  • Ensured The Signing of The New Lease by May 1 with The Assistance of Staff, Which Created an Automated Presentation for Several Meetings
  • Re-Established Parking Procedure; Hosted Information Meetings and Distributed New Parking Placards
  • Implemented Smoke-Free Policy with Person County Health Department Assistance (Signage); Provided Smoking Cessation Training and Assistance Through Regional Consortium
  • Reviewed Updated Personnel and Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policies During Weekly Staff
  • April 2018 Harris Gardens Lease Up Meeting
  • Existing Signage for Parking and Trespassing Now Being Enforced
  • Signs Posted at All Four Sites; Purchased by Person Co. Health Department

Administrative Requirements
Fair Housing Needs Stressed

Fair Housing Protected Classes

  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • National Origin
  • Sex
  • Disability
  • Familial Status

Administrative Requirements
Customer Service Survey

  • Tenant Survey Created and Submitted February 2018
  • Wanted Direct Input
  • Used To Address Internal Issues
  • Helped With Physical Needs Assessment

Roles And Responsibilities
RHA Tenants

  • Made Resident Meetings Mandatory to Increase Attendance Levels, To Share Pertinent Information from Guests and Staff Members and To Better Understand Current Needs of Tenants
  • Established Initiatives Through Partnerships to Better Serve the Needs of Tenants Outside of Housing
  • Second Chance Initiative, Helping Men Get Housing, Jobs, GED (Fathers on The Move/Victor Glover)
  • Section 3 Program, Connecting the Jobless with Employers
  • Established Initiatives Through Partnerships to Better Serve the Needs of Tenants Outside of Housing
  • Young Male and Female Initiatives, Helping Boys and Become Productive Men and Women (RPD /Det. Ricky Hughes)
  • 4H Afterschool Program (Person Co. Co-Operative Extension/Michelle Vann Ness)

Basic Finance Principles

  • Determined Spending Need at Every Angle
  • Continued Fiscal Management Policy Efforts Established by Interim Director (Rent Collection)
  • Enforced Procedure for Purchasing
  • Maintained Low Inventory to Help Bolster the Balance Sheet and Reduce Wasteful Spending; Ordered Just-In-Time Equipment and Supplies
  • Procured And Selected New CPA Firm to Conduct Thorough 2017 Single Audit Based on Hud Regional Office Recommendation
  • Over $100,000 In Federal Funds Set for Reserves

Procurement Documentation and Transparency

  • Each Significant Action of Every Procurement Properly Documented by The Authority
  • Advertise And Contact as Many Qualified Vendors Inside and Outside Person County
  • Open And Fair Bid Process
  • Award Jobs to the Lowest, Most Responsive, and Responsible Bidder

Basic Inventory Control

  • Helped Train Staff and Hired Contractors with Sacs Experience to Enter On-Hand Materials into the System (Along with Work Orders)
  • Accountability Increased with On-Time Reporting

RHA Programs and Services

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is A HUD-Funded Program Designed to Assist Individuals and Families to Obtain Employment. The FSS Participants Work Toward Reducing Dependence on Welfare Programs and Improving Their Financial Stability. The Housing Authority Works with Social Service Agencies, Non-Profits, Schools, Businesses, And Other Community Partners to Develop Comprehensive Strategies...

  • Young Male Initiative Organized by Roxboro Police Department For 10 - 18 Years Old Males. The Program Provides Social One-On-One and Group Interaction About Life Choices, Educational Activities, And Recreation. Program Every Wednesday 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm At Harris Gardens Community Center, 500 Mt. Bethel Church Street.
  • Young Girls Initiative Program Provides Social One-On-One and Group Interaction About Life Choices, Educational Activities, and Recreation for Young Ladies 10 - 18 Years Old. Program Every Wednesday, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm At the Harris Gardens Community Center, 500 Mt. Bethel Church St.
  • After-School 4-H Group Program Provides After-School Educational and Tutoring Assistance to Youth 10 - 16 Years Old, Thursdays 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Beginning September 6th at Harris Gardens Community Center.
  • Fathers On the Move "Second Chance Initiative" Provides Hope and Encouragement to Adult Males Seeking Employment and Educational Opportunities. Group Sessions Are Held on Thursdays 12 Noon - 2 PM At Weatherly Heights Community Center, 161 Cleveland Lane.

Building Strong Families - Expo II (July 2019)

RHA's Harris Gardens Community Served as Host Site For "Building Strong Families - Creating Strong Communities, Expo II, A National HUD Initiative on Thursday, June 20th.

The Initiative Brought Together an Infusion of Over 20 City and County Organizations That Serve as The Catalyst for Building Stronger Communities Through RHA's Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program.

Felts Lewis Stated, "The Expo's Emphasis Includes a Focus on Programs and Services Which Offers Healthcare, Education, Nutrition, Financial Well-Being and Other Opportunities to Improve Lifestyles as Well as Fun Activities for Kids and Adults."

Mayor Merilyn Newell, Along with Other Speakers, Praised the Authority for Its Insight on Programs Which Promote Self-Sufficiency and The Resident's Participation in These Opportunities.

This Year's Highlight Was RHA's Second Chance Initiative, Through Which Six Participants Successfully Completed The 6 Months Program and Were Presented with Graduation Certificates During the Day's Activities.

Bishop Victor Glover (Pictured in The Last Photo Along with Lawrence Mayfield, Felts Lewis, And the Graduates) Organized the Fathers on The Move Program, and the Second Chance Initiative Was Modeled in Roxboro.

The Program Offers Motivation, Hope, and Alternatives for Becoming Self-Sufficient. Bishop Glover Stated, "The Initiative Offers a Second Chance to Mentor Participants, Assist Them with Developing Parenting and Jobs Skills to Help Them Avoid Problems They've Faced in The Past."

EXPO II ROUNDUP - Summer 2019 Kick-Off Activities

  • Road Doggs Motorcycle Club
  • Summer Kids Meals
  • Roxboro PAAL
  • Road Doggs Motorcycle Club
  • STEM Program
  • Fire Department

Project COPE's L.E.A.D. Initiative
(Collaboration, Outreach, Protection and Empowerment)

Project COPE's L.E.A.D. Initiative Is Leading, Empowering, Advising, And Developing Local Youth into Future Leaders. The L.E.A.D.S. Is A Mentoring Program for Local Youth Between the Ages Of 14-17. Participants Will Have the Unique Opportunity to Receive Work Experience, Coaching, and Advice on An Industry of Their Choice from A Local Leader. Youth Will Also Participate in Leadership, Coaching, Healthy Relationships, Community Engagement, and Career Development Workshops.

The ROSS Program Is Designed to Link Families, Particularly Seniors, and Those with Disabilities, To Supportive Services and Programs to Assist Them in Maintaining Independent Living Status. Family Services Also Reduce Barriers to Self-Sufficiency, Such As, Obtaining A Degree (GED/High School Diploma or Higher Learning), Employment, And/or Earning a Sustainable Income.

  • Adult Ed/GED Classes
    One-On-One and Group Classes On-Site to Assist Persons with Obtaining GED/High School Diploma Offered by Piedmont Community College at Lee Gardens Community Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 Noon -3PM.
  • Computer Literacy
    Beginners and Advanced Computer Literacy Classes Are Held at Lee Gardens Community Center, On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 Noon - 1 PM.
  • Resident Digital Inclusion Project This Project Will Provide In-Home Internet Connectivity to Seniors and Disabled Residents, Provide A Tablet/Laptop, And Train Residents to Utilize the Devices to Reduce Isolation with The Goal of Improving Overall Health and Wellness. Up To 25 Residents Can Volunteer for The Projects.
    ROSS Enrollees Prepare and Contribute "Welcome Baskets" For New Housing Lease-Ups.
    The Program Coordinating Committee (PCC) meets quarterly to Discuss Community Resources Available for FSS & ROSS Program Enrollees.

Partner Collaborations

  • Person County Arts Council
  • AmeriCorps
  • Police Department
  • Meal With a Cop
  • Burlington Housing Authority
  • Delta Sigma Theta
  • FSS Graduate
  • Person Family Medical and Dental Center
  • Back To School Bookbag Give Away
  • Cooperative Extension-Aging for Gusto
  • National Night Out
  • Person County Arts Council
  • Easter Youth Celebration
  • Senior Crafts
  • Very Important Parent
  • Family Fun Day
  • Legal Aide Of North Carolina
  • Community Holiday Celebration
  • Christian Help Center- Youth Initiative
  • Clergy And Community "Stop the Violence" March

Agency Awards and Recognition

  • Second Chance Initiative Started in Nov. 2018 With Six Members and Is Growing
  • Young Male Initiative Kicked Off at Harris Garden in The Summer Of 2018
  • Ball Playing with Police Chief Hess Et Al. Positive Words of Encouragement
  • Person Co. Parks and Recreation Loaned Equipment, Balls
  • Expo 2018 Events, Harris Gardens in June, and Weatherly Heights in Sept., Were Well Attended with Over 50 Vendors
  • One Of The Best HUD-Supported Family Initiatives in The Carolinas
  • Roxboro Housing Authority Awarded Over $10,000 To FSS Participant for Down Payment on Her First Home
  • A Second FSS Participant Awarded Over $7,000

Unit Renovations

Unit Renovations - Before in 432 Mount Bethel Street.

Before In 432 Mt. Bethel St.

Unit Renovations - After in 432 Mount Bethel Street.

After In 432 Mt. Bethel St.

Unit Renovations - 209 Holly Street frame work completed and currently doing electrical rough work.

209 Holly St Framework completed; Currently Doing Electrical Rough Work

Unit Renovations - Electrical Rough In at 207 - 209 Holly Street.

Electrical Rough in at 207/209 Holly St.

Unit Renovations - Before Site and Building Improvements.

Before Site and Building Improvements

Unit Renovations - Site and Building Improvements.

Site And Building Improvements

Unit Renovations - Security Camera Installation.

Security Camera Installation

Unit Renovations - Agency award for security efforts.
Agency Award for Security Efforts

  • Roxboro Police Department Award of Merit
  • Partnership That Is Helping Reduce Overall Crime in Roxboro, as Reported in The Courier-Times On 1/9/19

Lee Gardens Community Center Is Located At 808 Lyle Street, Roxboro, NC

The 2,800 Square-Foot, Single-Story Brick Exterior Community Building Has Open Meeting Space That Can Accommodate Over 50 People. Wall Repairs Featuring a Two-Tone Painting Scheme with New Bead Board and Chair Molding, New Laminate Flooring, Major Ceiling Repairs and Bathroom Repairs and Upgrades Encompassed the Center's Extensive Renovation Effort.

The Center Is Also Available for Rent to Individuals, Non-Profits, And Community Groups; $150 For A Half-Day Rental And $250 For the Entire Day Up To 9:00 PM. For More Information, call 336.599.8616 or click here to visit our website.

Open House and Re-Dedication Ceremony

Open House and Re-Dedication Ceremony , 50 years of public housing.

The Housing Authority Celebrated "50 Years of Public Housing" On Tuesday, April 23rd with A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at The Newly Renovated Lee Gardens Community Center. The Celebration Included Remarks from Mayor Merilyn Newell, State Senator Mike Woodard, County Commissioner Ray Jeffers, Deborah Carver, President of Lee Gardens Resident Association, Etta Swann, PCC Adult Ed/GED Instructor, Betty Pettiford, ROSS Participant, And RHA Director Felts Lewis, Among Others. RHA Board Member, Linda King, Mayor Newell, And Director Lewis Cut the Ribbon Before Inviting the Public Inside to See the Newly Renovated Facility.

Weatherly Heights Community Center Renovation

Future Development Plans

  • Create Community Development Corporation (CDC) To Develop Affordable Housing
  • Start With Developing Open Land at Harris Gardens Site
    Seeking Funding for Supportive Housing Development Program Units
  • $1.1 Million Project
  • New Construction of Four One Bedroom Single-Level Duplexes
  • Target Audience: Homeless, Recently Incarcerated, The Disabled, Or Domestic Violence Victims

Future Renovation Plans

  • Re-Roofing of Existing Buildings at Harris Gardens and Weatherly Heights
  • Renovation Of the Administrative Building
  • Sewer Line Replacement at Harris Gardens (Phases)
  • Installation Of New Heating and Air Conditioning Units (Phases)

Future Program Plans

  • Continue Collaboration with PCC To Provide Residents Job Readiness
  • Training and Entrepreneurship Skills and Assistance
  • Expand Work Experience Program Through Telemon
  • Expand Participation in Youth, Male and Female Initiatives

Roxboro Housing Authority

  • Immediate Openings For 3 And 4 Bedrooms
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, And 5 Bedrooms
  • Income Based/Utilities Included
  • Energy Efficient
  • 4 Developments - All in City Limits
  • Major Kitchen Appliances Furnished
  • Protected By Video Surveillance
  • Free GED/Computer and Home Ownership Classes

For More Information Contact:

  • Teresa Jeffreys
  • Roxboro Housing Authority
  • 500 Mt. Bethel Church Street
  • P O Box 996
  • Roxboro, NC 27573
  • 336.599.8616

Rental Units Available

RHA Offers Several Housing Options, Ranging from Single Story, Five-Bedroom Brick Single Family Homes to Two-Story Brick and Siding Quadplexes.

The Agency Receives Grant Funds from The U.S. Dept. Of Housing and Urban Development to Maintain Its Low-Income Housing Properties. RHA's Housing Options Compare Favorably or Exceed Market-Rate Rental Housing Options in Roxboro and Person County.

Want More Information on the RHA... Click Here to Visit Our Website. 


Call Or Stop by The Administrative Office At:
500 Mt. Bethel Church St. (At The End of Burch Ave.)
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM - M-F (Closed From 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM)
Call 336.599.8616
Please Click Here for More Information