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For life- threatening matters such as a fire, Call 9-1-1.

For maintenance emergencies, call (336) 504-2262.  Gas smell, no heat, no hot water, running water, water heater leaking badly, refrigerator leaking badly or not working, stove range not working, electrical outlets sparking fire, not being able to lock windows or doors to secure the unit, any smoke detector issues (beeping or not working), unit vandalism (windows broken) are a few examples of maintenance emergencies.  When in doubt, call.  Maintenance will determine if an immediate visit is necessary. If you report an emergency without a response, contact the Housing Manager.

Roxboro Housing Authority is continuing its strategy of going unit by unit, building by building, community by community to fix current and long-standing issues.  Currently, the Maintenance Staff is working at Weatherly Heights Community after its efforts at Green Gardens Community. 

Call in work orders at (336) 599-8616, regardless of where you live within Roxboro Housing Authority. The Maintenance Staff will get to your issue in a timely fashion. Your work orders are important to us.

RHA's housekeeping standards are simple. Keep your range, refrigerator, countertops, cabinets, all doors, floors, walls and ceilings and all bathroom surfaces clean and free of debris, indentions/holes markings and mold/mildew to the best of your ability.  Normal wear and tear conditions are considered not the fault of the resident. 

Units are inspected at least twice a year--once by the Housing Manager and once by an independent contractor that is well versed regarding HUD requirements for decent, safe and sanitary living conditions.  All residents are given two (2) days of advance written notice prior to unit inspections.

If residents need assistance or have questions, call the administrative office to speak to the Housing Manager. 

Click here for the Maintenance Charge list.