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Roxboro Housing Authority (RHA) follows its motto of 'Housing for a Brighter Future' by providing residents with not only quality, affordable units, it also works hard to plan and partner with local organizations to host a variety of activities and events.  From public safety training to holiday parties, RHA provides residents with valuable, informative and fun programming at its three community center sites.

In 2018, RHA initiated projects to upkeep and renovate its community centers.  This is important for residents to be able to partake in a variety of activities to enhance quality of life right in their own community. 

Monthly community meetings are held, dates can be found on our calendar.

Lee Gardens Community Center, 808 Lyle St., Roxboro, is set to open March 4, 2019, after a $36,000 renovation project. From fresh, two-toned walls and hardwood floors to handicap accessible bathrooms that have been completely upgraded, residents will resume computer literacy classes and start health and wellness classes. 

RHA is set to start comprehensive renovation work at Weatherly Heights Community Center, 161 Cleveland Lane, Roxboro, in March 2019. 

Major work is being procured for the Harris Gardens Community Room, which is part of the Administrative Office Building, 500 Mt. Bethel Church St., Roxboro.

Residents and the general public can rent each community center for a variety of gatherings and events.  Find out more about Community Center rentals here.  Contact the Administrative Office for available rental dates.