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Roxboro Housing Authority follows the guidelines and policies of HUD, as well as local and state authorities in our procurement processes. 

In our efforts to provide housing and support services, RHA frequently contracts work to our business community. We strive for a fair, efficient, and open bidding process. Please monitor this page for current RFPs, RFQs and Bid Information.

Prospective contractors/business owners requesting to be placed on the Roxboro Housing Authority contractor bidder's list must complete the Contractor's Application and W9 form. Contractors that do not complete the required forms are not considered for business opportunities, so verify that the forms are accurate and complete.

After completing and submitting these documents, our staff verifies the information, contacts your references and determines if your company is eligible to do business with the Housing Authority.

RHA also has an exciting program called Section 3, which provides economic opportunities to low income individuals that live in or near Roxboro. Businesses that provide documentation regarding their existing full-time employees, the hiring of such persons or the hiring of sub-contractors receive a 10 percent bid preference. If your company wants to participate in the Section 3 program, complete and return the application. The agency strongly encourages businesses that qualify for the program to apply. However, failing to submit a Section 3 application does not affect your bidder's list status. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call 336-599-8616. 

Roxboro Housing Authority currently seeks the following services:

Lawn Care Service (Bid Meeting: March 21; 10 a.m.)

Pressure Washing Service (Call (336) 504-4651)

Occupied Unit Rehabilitation Service (Call (336) 504-4651)

To view bid information, scroll down this page.

                          ROXBORO HOUSING AUTHORITY



Roxboro Housing Authority (RHA), located at 500 Mt. Bethel Church St., Roxboro, N.C., will receive sealed bids no later than 2 p.m. on Wed., Mar. 29, 2023, for lawn care services.  A pre-bid meeting at the location above shall take place Tues., Mar. 21, 2023, at 10 a.m. The meeting is not mandatory but is highly recommended for attendance.  


Grass-cutting, weed eating, edging of sidewalk, driveways and walkways, and clean all streets, sidewalks free of trash and other debris.

Apply herbicide as needed on sidewalks, walkways and streets.

Pick up paper, trash and debris before mowing/weed eating.  Do not rely on or approach Housing Authority employees or contractors about trash pickup.  Lawn care contractor is to pick up trash before cutting.

Sweep/vacuum/blow streets, walkways, front and back porches and parking lots.

Note: This is for an average of every 14 days and based upon a per cut fee. Additional or fewer cuts may be required based up property conditions.

Trim shrubbery and apply mulch as needed as directed by the Housing Authority.

Grounds include all Housing Authority-owned land, grass areas, parks, parking lots, sidewalks, and drainage areas.

Bids shall be a fixed firm price inclusive of all contractor costs, including but not limited to  material, labor, equipment, taxes, permits, insurance and any other expense incurred by the contractor while performing lawn care services for the Housing Authority.  In addition, provide a firm fixed price for the following:  shrubbery trimming, mulching, leaf removal and snow removal per Housing Authority site.

The contractor shall investigate each site and conditions affecting the work and satisfy it as to the general and local conditions, which can affect the work or its cost.

The contractor shall be responsible for protecting existing grounds and facilities and for any damage there to because of their actions/lack of actions.

Grass-cutting season shall commence no later than April 15, 2023, and shall end no later than Nov. 15, 2023.

Lawn Care Specifications

Section A

Terms and Conditions


The bid submitted by a contractor to obtain a requirements service contract shall include materials, supplies, labor, equipment and all other needs to perform services to meet the scope of work contained in this invitation for bids document.  All services provided that are not included as part of the scope of work will not be paid for by the Roxboro Housing Authority on the contract assigned for these specifications. A separate contract must be executed to start additional requirements. At least $1 million of liability insurance must be maintained throughout the contract.   Invoices submitted for additional tasks performed at the job site, which are not a part of this contract, will not be paid by the Roxboro Housing Authority.

Type of Bid Requested

The contract will be awarded to the most responsive and responsible bidder, providing the most advantageous package in the best interest of the Housing Authority. It is the responsibility of the contractor to provide evidence and demonstrate the ability to provide the services.  If applicable, award of more than one contractor will be at the discretion of the Housing Authority.  There will be a tour of the properties, which are affected by these contract specifications.

All the contracts for these services will normally be for a nine-month period.  However, the contract may be extended at the discretion of the Housing Authority and agreed to by the contractor.

Scheduling of Events

The contractor shall provide a monthly schedule five days prior to the beginning of the month for the Executive Director or his/her designee.  The schedule shall have the proposed days (14-day cycle) that the contractor will be working in each development.  Should inclement weather prohibit staying on schedule, please notify the Housing Authority immediately to readjust the schedule.


The contractor and the employees of the contractor shall comply with all applicable OSHA, regulations.  Should the contractor and the employees of the contractor fail to comply, all ensuing liability, including fines, shall be the responsibility of the contractor.  Property damaged or persons injured during the performance of the contract are the sole responsibility of the contractor to make restitution.

Contractor's Responsibility

The contractor shall respond to all shortcomings of the contract specifications or lists detailing work that needs to be completed to maintain the contract specifications by the next workday.  If the contract specifications are not maintained, the Housing Authority may hire another contractor or do the work with the in-house labor at a cost of $25/hr.  The money used for this purpose shall be deducted from the contractor's monthly invoice.  This measure will normally be applied after the contractor has been notified twice within the contract month for the same non-compliance with the contract specifications as well as cancellation of contract.

Contract Cancelation:

Contract cancelation requires a 30-day notice by the contractor or the Housing Authority.  In case the contractor, at any time during the process of the work, fails or neglects to supply sufficient materials or qualified workmen, or abandons the work, or become insolvent or bankrupt, or for any other case defaults in the prompt performance of this agreement, the property owner shall have the power and authority to terminate the agreement after first giving the contractor five calendar days of notice in writing.

Section B


All lawn/grounds shall be mowed, trimmed, mechanically edged, clippings and residue blown from hard surfaces at a minimum of one every 14 calendar days throughout the mowing season.


The grass shall be cut uniformly at a height of 2 ½ to 3 inches at least every 14 days. Uneven cuts or missed areas are unacceptable.


Grass and other vegetation, which was not cut by the lawn mowing equipment, will be trimmed to 2 ½ to 3 inches.  This will include but not be limited to the areas in and around the perimeter of buildings, shrubs and planting and other boarders.


Edge and trim all hard surfaces to ensure that the dimension of the hard surfaces to present a manicured appearance each time the lawn is mowed and trimmed. All sidewalks, dumpster pads, curbs, gutters and other hard surfaces or similar construction are to be considered as a hard surface.


All grass, dirt, grass clippings and other debris will be blown off or removed by hand or by other means from the sidewalks, out of the gutters and of the curbs each time the lawn is cut or maintained by the contractor.

Weed Control

Planting areas and natural areas will be sprayed with a non-restrictive use herbicide (no Round Up).  Sidewalks, curbs, around houses only (no wider that two inches). 

NC Pesticide License is required within 30 days of upon signing contract.

Section C

Bid Form

I hereby propose to provide full and complete lawn care services for the Roxboro Housing Authority. I understand that payment is within 30 days on invoice submission.  I shall adhere to the terms of conditions, turf management and prices listed below to perform said duties:

Locations Per Cut/Service Fees (Do not put totals here; per service fee only)

Grass Cutting        Mulching           Leaf Removal        

Harris            $________  $________  $_________ 


Green             $________  $________  $_________


Lee Gardens  $_______    $________  $_______

Weatherly      $________  $________ $_________


Totals               $________ $________ $___________

__________________________________  __________________

Submitted By                                                       Company Name   

___________________________________ ____________________

Signature                                                                Date 




                 For Building Pressure Washing Contract


Current valid insurance policies meeting the requirements herein identified shall be maintained during the duration of the named work. Renewal Certificates shall be sent to the Authority 30-days prior to any expiration date.

WORKERS COMPENSATION: Insurance covering all employees meeting statutory limits in compliance with the applicable State and Federal laws.

COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY: Coverage shall have minimum limits of $1,000,000. per occurrence, combined single limit for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. This shall include premises and operations, contractors, products and completed operations and contractual liability.

BUSINESS AUTO LIABILTY shall have minimum limits of $1,000,000. per occurrence, combine single limit for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. This shall include owned vehicles, hired and non-hired vehicles, and employee non-ownership.


CONTRACTOR is required to provide proof of any licensing required by local and or State code. All Certifications and Licensing must be maintained for duration of contract.


CONTRACTOR shall pay no less than the minimum wage rate as determined by the US Department of Urban Development. CONTRACTOR is required to submit weekly payroll reports showing employee name, employee identification number and number of hours worked and rate of pay. Forms can be provided to CONTRACTOR for fulfillment of this provision.

CONTRACTOR shall comply with the Contract Work Hours Standard Act by paying to laborers and mechanics no less than one and half (1 ½) times the basic rate of pay for all hours worked over forty (40) hours per week.


The work to be performed under this Contract is subject to the requirements of Section3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended, 12 U.S.C. 170lu (section3). The purpose of Section 3 is to ensure that employment and other economic opportunities generated by HUD assistance or HUD-assisted projects covered by Section 3 shall, to the greatest extent feasible, be directed to low-and very low-income persons, particularly persons who are recipients of HUD assistance for housing.


Purposed Contract Price will be the amount indicated on the "Bid Submittal Form". Proportional monthly draws will be allowed after inspection and acceptance of the work completed in that month. All items in compliance with the contract must be submitted prior to payment of the monthly draw.


This contract may be cancelled by either party, at any time, by giving ten (10) calendar days written notice to the other party with no further action required by either party.


Provide referenced from pervious customers where comparable work was performed. Include telephone numbers and contact name.


No subcontracting or reassigning this contract without written approval from Roxboro Housing Authority


Felts Lewis, Executive Director at (336) 599-8616 for additional information, site review etc.


The Contractor is required to comply with all Occupational Safety and Health requirements pertinent to the work covered under this Contract.

PRESSURE WASH INFORMATION:                            

  • Presure wash all surfaces from gutter to foundation. Use safe, approved cleaning agents not to harm vegetation, humans or property. Make every attempt to remove all stains, graffiti, dirt and foreign objects with suitable pressure not to harm brick, aluminum soffit, fascia, screen doors, regular doors, vinyl siding etc...
  • All labor and material should be included
  • All work should be performed in a neat, clean, professional manner using the established guidelines of the pressure washing trade. All containers and equipment should be kept under the immediate control of the contractor and work areas must be cleaned each day with no items remaining on site. Use of RHA dumpsters is not allowed
  • No provisions for on-site storage or restroom facilities provided by Roxboro Housing Authority
  • Functioning exterior hose bibbs/spigots are limited; a provision for tanked-water is suggested for pressure washing. Coordination with staff for hose connection and tank refill will be provided utilizing RHA's water source, if needed.
  • Desired completion date: March 23, 2023
  • Note: RHA's interpretation of the NCDOR Sales Tax on Labor General Guidance List, shows that Power Washing Real Property (buildings etc..) is exempt from sales tax on labor to perform this work. Verify with your CPA.
  • Coordination with RHA will be necessary to provide notification to residents 48hrs prior to work beginning on each building

General Requirements/Specifications for Vacant/Occupied Unit Turnaround

The Contractor shall furnish labor, tools/equipment to fully execute the general maintenance repair work necessary to rehabilitate housing units as required and directed by RHA. Units will be identified by RHA worksheet/vacancy work order forms. These forms should be completed in a detailed manner showing all work/labor and parts used.

The Contractor agrees to perform work on an "as needed" basis and in timely manner realizing the time constraints placed on the Authority in order to place vacant units back into active housing stock. Target days are 5-20 calendar days from date the keys are received by the Contractor.

 RHA will:

  • Provide paint; one color for ceiling and wall surfaces. Brown for base cove, exterior doors (inside and outside), storm doors, stairs (if applicable) railing (optional)
  • Provide primer for nicotine, cooking smoked units.
  • Keys to units will be issued from RHA's main office. Keys should be returned immediately upon job completion.

Relating to "Painting"

Contractor will:

  • Furnish labor and equipment to paint unit.
  • Patch all holes-from nail holes up to 18"x18" shall be included in price.
  • Submit a reasonable extra charge for wall damage greater than 18"x18".
  • Caulk and patch surface defects, joints, settlement cracks, gaps give a neat, smooth surface at completion.
  • Spread paint evenly without runs, sags, thin spots-holidays.
  • Protect floors, stairs, doors, cabinets, hardware, light fixtures, electrical devices and all non-painted surfaces from spills, drips, runs and splatters. Remove electrical cover plates, globes and exhaust grills prior to painting.
  • All walls, ceilings, closets, door casing should be painted and included in the price. Surfaces that have been previously painted should be repainted...some units have painted doors that should be re-painted....some units have stained doors (see RHA approval prior to painting over.)

Relating to "Cleaning"

 Contractor will:

  • Thoroughly and completely clean, scrub, disinfect all areas/surfaces of the unit. Including but not limited to:
    • Walls: Should be clean, free of dirt grease, cobwebs and fingerprints.
    • Floors: Should be completely stripped free of old built up dirt and wax including under appliances, corners, along baseboard and inside closets. Baseboard should be wet wiped clean. Apply (2) even and smooth coats of wax.
    • Electrical devices ie: globes, switch/receptacle covers should be wet washed with soap, rinsed clean and reinstalled.
    • The inside surface of window glass should be cleaned.
    • Appliances: gas and/or electric range and refrigerator should be completely cleaned inside the apartment.
    • Completely clean and disinfect kitchen and bathrooms.
    • Porches: front and rear-wet wash/hose off to remove cobwebs, marks, gum and sticky substances.

Relating to Rehabilitation and Repair:

Parts are the responsibility of the contractor with the following exceptions:

  • Blinds
  • Tile (less than 20 pieces)
  • Interior Doors

Completely and physically check all components of the unit for proper function and mechanical operation as noted but not limited to:

  • Plumbing: If needed-repair, replace components to eliminate drips, leaks-missing items ie-tub/sink stoppers, bathroom accessories etc.... General light-plumbing repair should be figured. Extensive issues with be handled by RHA. Bathtub caulking removal of old/re-caulk should be included in rehab.
  • Hardware: Door repair, knobs, hinges, door stops cabinet, screen door components repair. Window shade and hardware are to be figured in rehab labor also floor tile pieces and baseboard replacements.
  • Electrical: Basic repair/replacement as needed ie: switches, receptacles, cover plates, light fixtures, sockets, bulbs etc....should be included in rehab labor.
  • Roach Vacuum: Infestation elimination of dead and active pests are part of rehab.
  • Mechanical Room/Closet: Cleaning/wiping of equipment and walls to remove cobwebs, dirt, dust, etc...
  • Outside closet: Cleaning/wiping of equipment and walls to remove cobwebs, dirt
  • Provide for dumping debris for dumping in RHA dumpsters is prohibited
  • Roxboro Housing Authority Bid Form for pressure washing and unit turnaround can be emailed or picked up at the Administrative Office at 500 Mt. Bethel Church St., Roxboro, N.C. 27573