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Roxboro Community Redevelopment Corporation

Roxboro Community Redevelopment Corporation Developing Self-Sufficient Families

Join us as we raise funds for affordable housing and homeless shelter operations in Roxboro!

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Roxboro Community Redevelopment Corporation is a 501 (c)(3), non-profit affordable housing organization.  RCRC was established in 2019, and formed by the seven-member board of commissioners of the Roxboro Housing Authority.

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is no longer funding additional public housing units in Person Co. Because federal funds are only for 210 units currently managed by the Housing Authority, RCRC was formed to provide more affordable, decent, sanitary housing for low- and very-low income citizens in Roxboro and Person Co. (N.C.) through grants, donations, fundraising and in-kind gifts and services.

Just as Roxboro Housing Authority has transformed public housing in the area, RCRC plans to do the same, starting with the Green and Walker St. area.

RCRC Leadership

Felts Lewis, President

Leon Holloway, Chairman

Charlene Wilson, Vice Chairwoman

Linda King, Treasurer/Secretary

Angela Brown, Director

Jeff Kisner, Director

Katherine Perkins, Director

Tara Smith, Director

An ad-hoc committee comprised of concerned citizens is being established to study the issues and develop solutions for the homelessness problem in Roxboro and Person Co.  If you are interesting in participating in this ground-breaking and much needed work, call (336) 599-8616.  


RCRC earned a $7 Million grant from the N.C. Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) to build Roxboro Village,  12 new affordable housing units, and to provide wrap around services for homeless and prone-to-be-homeless  persons at the end of Mt. Bethel Church St. 

RCRC earned a $3 Million grant from NCHFA to build a new, state-of-the-art non-congregate homeless shelter at the end of Mt. Bethel Church St. 

Person County Board of Commissioners awarded a $60,000 grant to support a proposed non-congregate homeless shelter.

City of Roxboro allocated $12,000 to RCRC for addressing homelessness and affordable housing.