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RHA Resident Earns $7,000

ROXBORO, N.C.-Roxboro Housing Authority (RHA) proudly recognizes its most recent Family Self Sufficiency program graduate, Ms. Sheldonna Burton. Ms. Burton is the proud mother of four children. She has been consistently employed in various capacities in the state of North Carolina and Virginia. She met all of her stated goals and graduated in March of 2020. See attached photo of Ms. Burton receiving her escrow payment of $7,000.

This HUD grant-funded program is specifically designed to promote family self - sufficiency and financial growth for all active participants. The only requirement is that you be a resident and listed as head of household on your lease agreement.

This is a (5) year volunteer program with an option to extend for two additional years. FSS participants complete an Individualized Training and Service Plan (ITSP) which identifies specific goals related to employment, education, credit repair, and even home ownership. They also sign a formal Contract of Participation. (COP) The COP basically spells out the official rules of engagement. In short, each applicant is required to honor their Lease Agreement and work towards accomplishing their stated goals. Those participants that find suitable employment and consistently meet their monthly" income - based" rent requirements will receive escrow payments. As the rent payments increase a portion of the increase is added to a private escrow account which is managed by the RHA.

For more information about the family self-sufficiency program at RHA, contact Larry Mayfield, family self-sufficiency coordinator, at (336) 647-4340.

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