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Severe Weather Safety Precautions

Avoid tree limbs, other debris and downed power lines by staying indoors during and after severe weather events.

ROXBORO--Residents throughout the greater Triangle region continue to endure severe winter weather. Here are a few important safety measures to follow during and after a storm (or other natural disasters.)

Stay Home!

Avoid dangers such as downed power lines, downed trees and tree limbs and slick walkways and roads by simply staying safe indoors. Do not venture outdoors immediately following severe weather events. RHA staff conducts a site survey when deemed safe, and notifies its residents of property conditions. 

Call 911 for immediate emergencies such as fire, gas or other problems that local authorities are trained and equipped to handle.

AVOID Making Matters Worse.... NOT using candles--Use battery operated lighting (flashlights, candles) NOT using auxiliary heating and power sources such as kerosene heaters or generators indoors; clothes layering, blankets and hand warmers are useful and safe ways to stay warm NOT using valuable resources unnecessarily such as opening and closing the refrigerator (open sparingly to keep perishables cold) and playing games and watching videos instead of conserving cell phone battery charge filling up the bathtub with water, ensuring that clean, fresh water is available at all times during severe weather events keeping your household clean and neat; hot water is not available during power outages to uphold clean and healthy spaces; block windows and hallways and over packed spaces create unit access problems and tripping hazards


Contact love ones, friends and/or neighbors of your whereabouts during and after a severe weather event. RHA residents are strongly encouraged to contact the Authority at (336) 599-8616 if they decide to leave their unit.  This is for accountability purposes only and not mandatory. 

Using these safety tips, avoiding problems from getting worse and communicating can save your life.  


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