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Family Self Sufficiency (FSS)

Below is a summary of events and activities offered by FSS.

4-H After School Program

RHA is currently working with the Person County 4-H Director to provide bi-weekly after school program targeting both male and female students ages 10-16 years old. This is a curriculum-based program entitled "Health Rocks". The goal of the program is to bring young people and their families closer together by producing the negative impacts of tobacco, alcohol and drug usage. We assist with homework and offer a safe forum to discuss personal concerns on a one on one basis. Our goal is to be the first predominately black 4-H group in Person County.

Young Ladies Youth Initiative 

"CLASSY" Confident, Lovely, Attractive, Smart, Successful, and Young.

Our belief is that every young girl is precious with unique gifts and strength. We offer this program in efforts to combat teen pregnancies and failures to achieve educational goals. We offer a safe meeting facility for girls only. Our target audience is ages 8-16 years old. We are currently averaging 10-12 girls per week. There is an adult program coordinator that uses a self-development curriculum that focuses on health relationships, self-esteem, self-development and smart goal setting.

Young Men Youth Initiative

The program was started by local law enforcement officials. The goal was to develop and foster a positive relationship between our young males ages 8-18 and the police officers that patrol our communities. We provide a variety of recreational and athletic activities as a safe forum for both one-on-one and group interaction. We strive to provide an alternative to gang interactions and criminal activities. Summer activities serve to enhance the quality of life and provide a safe outlet while schools are closed. 

The Second Chance Initiative 

"Fathers on the Move"

We have partnered with a national entity to address the needs of our adult males who are taking the steps to get their lives on track. We provide motivational session to empower low income men to take pride in their abilities while providing employment and educational opportunities through our "Section 3" program. Weekly meetings are held at our Weatherly Heights community center. The average attendance has been 10-12 men per session Future plans include extending this process to include larger businesses within Person County. Expanding the practice to include positions for those with less than perfect backgrounds and felony convictions.


FSS In the News

Second Chance Initiative: Roxboro Housing Authority/Fathers on the Move Inc. Partnership to Help Local Men Find Stability